Preparing for Your Appointment

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If you’re shopping for countertops in Indianapolis and need help preparing for your first appointment, this is the article for you! Peak Stone Company is a locally owned and operated fabricator serving from two showroom locations. To help you have the most successful appointment, we wanted to create a short guide to prepare you for our first meeting.  

What to Expect During Your Appointment 

When you come in to one of our showrooms you will be greeted by your Stone Consultant.  They will want to chat with you about your project and the direction you would like to take your space.  Expect your Consultant to work with you to determine which material you are most interested in.  They will walk you through different stones and pattern types using samples in our showrooms, and they will discuss the optional items and services we also provide. During this portion of the appointment, your consultant will educate and answer any questions you may have about your chosen materials or our process.  


If you have rough dimensions when you come in and can quickly narrow down your selection to one or two colors, we can usually get an estimate worked up while you’re in the showroom.  Our goal is to have your first appointment completed within 30 to 45-minute timeframe.  Please review the recommendations below, they will help us prepare your free countertop estimate and get it back to you in a timely manner. 

What Should I Bring with Me to Get a Countertop Estimate? 

  • Please bring a drawing of your space with rough measurements so we can determine how much material will be needed to complete your project.  Square footage numbers don’t tell us much about how your countertop sections will fit onto a slab, that is why we require dimensions from you first.  Don’t worry if your numbers aren’t 100% exact, after you sign your paperwork and place a deposit your Project Manager will set up an appointment with you to perform a laser measure in your home to create a digital map of your counter space.  If you have limitations and are unablto take the dimensions on your ownplease call us, one of our Stone Consultants can accommodate our process for you. 
  • Photos of the kitchen from different viewpoints to show us how everything fits in your space. 
  • If you are keeping your existing cabinets, bring a drawer with you so you can compare samples with your current cabinet color/stain.  Drawers are easier to put back in place than a door. 
  • If you are painting your cabinets or walls, paint swatches are verhelpful. 
  • Inspiration photos of kitchens you like so we can determine your personal style. 

Questions We’re Going to Ask During Your Appointment

  • How did you hear about us?  We love knowing how folks find their way to Peak Stone. 
  • Will you require us to remove and dispose of any existing countertops, or will you be taking care of that yourself? 
  • Will you require us to supply a licensed plumber to reconnect your plumbing after your install? 
  • Would you like us to install a tile backsplash for you? 
  • Will you be supplying your sink  or do you want to purchase one from us? 
  • Will you be purchasing a new faucet from us, or reusing the one you have? 
  • What is your ideal budget?  This helps us present materials that fit within your budget parameters, as well as let you know if your budget is realistic for the size of your space. 
  • Do you plan on keeping your existing appliances or do you plan on replacing them around the same time as your counters? 
  • Do you have any appliance garage cabinets or other cabinets that will sit directly on the countertop? 
  • What kind of timeline do you have?  Are your cabinets existing and you’re ready to get started?  Are you waiting for your new cabinets to arrive and be installed?  This helps your Consultant determine how much time we need to get your selections confirmed 

We hope this post has made you feel better prepared for your first appointment at Peak Stone.  We’re waiting for you!  We have many convenient ways to set up an appointment.  You can Contact us  online, call the office directly at 317-352-1630or reach out to us on Facebook!   

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