Fireplace Stone

Artistic & Beautiful


A fireplace is more than just a warm place to cozy up to in the winter months. It is also a main focal point of a room.  Give it the attention it deserves by dressing it up with a new decorative full slab of granite, marble, or engineered stone, and let the craftsmanship of the Peak Stone team transform your outdated fireplace into an elegant piece of art in your home.

When making selections for a fireplace, it is important to choose a stone that can withstand the heat and hold up overtime.  Our team of Stone Consultants will help guide you to the correct line of man made or natural stone that is correct for this type of application while also matching your style preference.

fireplace stone

Fireplace designs to consider:

  • Sleek concrete modern
  • Traditional surround with wooden mantel
  • Rustic stone
  • Lustrous marble

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