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Granite Countertops and Quartz Countertops


Have you ever wondered, “What exactly is my style preference?”  Whether you are in love with the shabby chic farmhouse look or find yourself drawn to the elements of a transitional style, the Stone Consultants at Peak Stone Company have the knowledge and experience to help guide you to the right stone selection to achieve the overall look you desire.


Transitional kitchen designs are growing in popularity for homeowners, giving them flexibility to combine traditional and modern style elements in one space.  In a kitchen, you may find the cabinets have a very traditional look but the room is accented with a modern pendant light, sleek quartz countertops, and an artfully detailed backsplash.  Transitional kitchens typically have a neutral color palate and are a great way to blend masculine elements with feminine details.


The urban dweller style has quickly become the hip and trendy style of today due to the look of steely grit combined with the sophistication of contemporary elements.  These kitchens often contain a color palate that mixes light and dark features along with an array of textures such as wood and metal.  The countertop space is a crisp, clean surface that is often accented with a glossy tile backsplash.


A chic farmhouse style offers a rustic and refined feeling by bring outdoor elements indoors.    Soapstone or quartz tops that have the look of marble placed on soft honey toned or white cabinets fit perfectly with a deep basin farm sink.  The addition of playful hardware and decorative curtains can enhance the color palate and help soften the room.


Both the Mediterranean and the French country are ageless styles that have stood the test of time.  Both offer a mixture of old-world sensibility with an edge of sophistication.  Kitchen countertops often feature ornate edge profiles along with a backsplash made of decorative, colorful tiles.  The addition of natural woods and wrought iron details add a touch of outdoor texture giving an earthy and natural feel.


Traditional kitchens are warm and classic.  A neutral color palate helps to give this style a “homey” feel.  Granite countertops are often the focal point of these kitchens with an embellished edge profile.  Deep cherry or light beige cabinets often feature vintage or raised panels and can be paired with ornate, iron lighting.

Edge Profiles

Selecting the best edge profile to match your style is an important step in the selection process.  Edge profiles are a cost-effective way to enhance the overall look of your countertops and give it the finishing touch that it needs.  At Peak Stone Company we have a wide variety of profiles to choose from.  Let one of our Stone Consultants work with you to find the edge profile that is best suited for your overall design.

Can’t find your style? We can help!

At Peak Stone, we are dedicated to making sure our customers get exactly what they envision for their home. That’s why we are taking our consultations directly into your home where we can learn about your design preferences to better understand you, our customer.