4 Things to Know Before You Shop for New Countertops

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What Do I Need to Know?

We are fresh off the Indianapolis Home Show that runs for 10 days here in Indiana.  This is an amazing opportunity for homeowners to dip their toe in whatever home renovation process they are looking to do.  After visiting with hundreds of visitors in the Peak Stone Co. booth, the question is always the same, “How do I know which stone is best for my countertop?” 


There are so many options on the market right now, we understand that this can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed.  So let’s break this down and give you the tools you need to make that first visit to the showroom one that is enjoyable!


4 Things to Know Before You Visit

Beware of Internet Bias

With the addition of quartz countertops hot on the scene, there is no shortage of marketing material on the internet.  It is always a great idea for homeowners to do a little research on their own- just use caution!  Just because something is on the web, doesn’t mean it is accurate or free of bias.  If you are researching a company that only sells one type of product, chances are they are going to tell you their one product is far superior than others on the market.  Reality is, all products have the potential to be excellent, you just have to know each stone’s characteristics and which is best suited to fit your lifestyle.  At Peak Stone Co. we sell a variety of products and our Stone Consultants are highly educated to help consumers distinguish fact from fiction.

Where Is This Countertop Being Installed?

Not all stones are made equal.  Quartz is an engineered stone that is comprised of natural quartz mineral particles combined with resins, pigments, and other ingredients.  Due to the resin and other bonding ingredients, it is not recommended for outdoor use and is not UV resistant.  If you are planning on putting a patio bar in your backyard, a 100% natural stone is your best option.  There is a wide variety of granite, quartzite, limestone, & other natural stone products to choose from.



Know Your Budget

Regardless of your budget, chances are you will find a product with the style you want and a price tag you can afford.  Don’t be afraid to discuss your budget with our Stone Consultants. They are experts in natural stone and their product knowledge will help guide you to the perfect stone and maximize your time in the showroom.   

When it comes to price, it is helpful for consumers to know that quartz is typically a bit higher in cost compared to granite.  This can be confusing for many customers since an imitation is usually cheaper than the real thing.  However, due to the complex manufacturing process and competition between various quartz suppliers, the end cost tends to make granite the more affordable stone.   

How Hot is Too Hot

Chances are, the countertop you are looking to purchase is going in a kitchen.  Before choosing a stone, stop and think about how you utilize your kitchen.  If you are an avid baker and tend to set cookie sheets on your counter straight from the oven, then you need to go with a natural stone such as granite.  Because it is 100% natural, you have the ability to set hot pans on the counter without running the risk of damaging them.  Because quartz contains resins & pigments, it is not advised you set anything hot directly on it.  This goes for crockpots too!  


Now You’re Ready to Visit!

The most important thing to know when visiting a Peak Stone Co. showroom is we are here to serve YOU!  Customer satisfaction are our top priority.    Never hesitate to ask questions and rely on your Stone Consultant to explain the options to you.  

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