Quartz, Granite,
and Natural Stone Kitchen Backsplashes

Extraordinary & Interesting


Your new kitchen or vanity project doesn’t stop with the countertop installation.  At Peak Stone Company we understand the importance of adding a backsplash to give your project a polished and complete look.   Stop by the Greenwood or Indianapolis showroom to see which design best fits your need.

A backsplash has the capability of transforming a kitchen from average to extraordinary with a look that matches your unique style.  Being one of the most used rooms in a home, your kitchen has the potential to accumulate dirt and grime quickly.  Selecting a quartz, natural stone, or granite backsplash that accents your countertop not only gives your kitchen a design element but also cuts down on the cleaning maintenance needed.  Our team of experts at Peak Stone Company will guide you to a backsplash that compliments your countertop and help add a bit of flare to the overall look of your kitchen.

Types of Backsplash:

  • 4” stone backsplashes
  • Full height stone backsplash

Natural Stone, Quartz and Granite Backsplash Gallery